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Dexlabs brings a wide variety of DeFi services under a single roof including but not limited to staking and vesting platforms.
Dexlabs offers flexible and seamless vesting clauses to cater to the needs of projects.
Dexlabs in simple is a collection of ideal DeFi protocols that fit every DeFi project.

Fintech Crypto News

Catch up on the latest buzz on Trading, #Cryptocurrency, #Blockchain & many more #Fintech updates and discussions.

New ICO Listings

View The Full Upcoming ICO List With Initial Coin Offerngs & Boost Up with DeFiLabs.

Staking Platform

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies is the key takeaway.

Dex Launchpad

DeFi Labs allows creators to launch their most innovative Crypto projects across a variety of Blockchains.

Team Vesting

Lock in your team's tokens,proves your commitment to your community.

Venture Vesting

Secure your private sales over several months, make sure that none of your big investors jeopardize your project.

Community Vesting

Get your community more serously involved in your project,start vesting your truly involved members.

Network Bridging

Cross-chain swapping can be done through multiple ways,each one having its own ups and downs.

Token Bulk Sender

A dApp for distribution ethers, erc20 tokens and BEP20 to multiple addresses in bulk with a few transactions.

Dexlab's Ecosystem Chains

To support innovative DeFi ideas deployed on various blockchains, Dexlabs extends its services to all the
leading blockchain networks. Dexlabs delivers interoperable and robust DeFi products to take the fruits of DeFi to everyone.

Dexlabs helps your DeFi project skyrocket!

Use Dexlabs vesting platforms to lock your tokens, creating a genuine business outlook and building an unbreakable trust with your project's community. Vesting platforms are the only way to show how committed you are as a DeFi platform.

Dex Labs ($DEXL)

The native token would derive its value from the generation of transactional demand from a heterogeneous user base. The $DEXL Token is created with an intention to enhance the utility and productivity of the Dexlabs platform. Introducing a native token ($DEXL) into Dexlabs allows the users to enjoy a better DeFi experience at comparatively low transactional costs and also helps in the capitalization of the platform's growth. $DEXL increases the attractiveness of Dexlabs at an early stage by acting as an ideal utility token for the platform.

Introducing $DEXL tokens on the Dexlabs platform encourages early adoption while also stabilizing the user base. This occurs because early users expect the value of their tokens to appreciate over time resulting in lower carry costs when using the tokens at later dates.


2020 Q1

  • Project Idea
  • Team Forming
  • Whitepaper

2021 Q2

  • $DEXL Testnet ERC20 & BEP20
  • Staking Platform Developing
  • Staking Platform Developing
We are here

2021 Q3

  • $DEXL Token Mainnet Deploy
  • Website Live
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale(IDO)
  • Pancakeswap & Uniswap Pools
  • DeFi Labs Staking

2021 Q4

  • Security Audit of $DEXL Token
  • Daap Website for Multiple Chains
  • Launchpad for Multichain
  • Fintech Crypto News Platform Live
  • ICO Listing Website Live

2022 Q1

  • Governance Launch
  • ERC20 to BEP20 Bridging
  • ETL,Huobi ECO,Solana,Polkadot
  • Tron chain Supports


Vesting Schedule

Token Contract


Staking Contract


Total Supply : 100,000,000 $DEXL

Private Sale Vesting: Monthly 25%

Liquidity Lock: 1 Year

Team Vesting: 6 Months Locked Via Team.Finance

Marketing % Promotion: 6 Months Locked Via Team.Finance

Airdrop Distribution: October 20th 2021


Dexlabs whitepaper describes every single aspect of the platform and products that you need to know as a user or an investor. The paper describes how Dexlabs paves the way for the mass adoption of DeFi.

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